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kristen_zach's Journal

Kristen Bell & Zachary Quinto
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♥ ♥ WELCOME:; to the first LJ community dedicated to the relationship between Kristen Bell and Zachary Quinto.

♥ ♥ WHO:; Zachary Quinto is best known for his role as Sylar on Heroes, and Kristen for her role as Veronica in Veronica Mars. Kristen is now joining the cast of Heroes for a multi-episode arc in Season 2.

♥ ♥ WHAT:; this community is a place to post anything related to Kristen/Zach - pictures, news, videos, etc, and to discuss the relationship (friendship or more!) between Kristen and Zach.

♥ ♥ RULES:; the only rule we have is no bashing of either actor.

♥ ♥ AFFILIATES:; sylarelle

♥ ♥ RESOURCES:; journal layout; profile; graphics
textures/brushes - brasaremean, gender, loveicon.